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About Taekwondo

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Belts and Grading

On joining Carlton – Arena Taekwondo, a student will start as a “white belt" or "10th Kup”. Approximately once every four months all students will undergo a promotion test and, on being successful, the student will be awarded a new grade.

When reaching the grade of 1st Kup (red belt + black tag), the student will spend a minimum of six months preparing for his or her black belt grading (1st Dan).

Taekwondo Belts

Taekwondo belts

Promotion tests for Kup grades, at Carlton – Arena Taekwondo, are carried out by

Grading Panel

Master Guy Châtel 6th Dan

Sophie Hirst (née Chatel) 4th Dan


Natalie Wilcox (née Chatel) 3rd Dan


Poomsae/Patterns: Are a set of continuous taekwondo moves based on: “defence – attacks” when the student pretends to face an imaginary attacker. The technical difficulties of a poomsae are levelled to the grade of the student.


Kyorugi = meaning sparring or fighting - is the way to check that the Taekwondo basics/techniques learnt (mainly kicking, punching) are correct and working when needed in a self defence situation.

“ Sport Taekwondo” is full contact sparring as done at the Olympics or in Kyorugi competitions.

Body armour is worn by the players above yellow belt.

Page last updated : 17th October 2020